Winter pride Queenstown AV production 2023

Lighting Up Winter Pride

“GiveGive has enabled Winter Pride to deliver world class production at our premier festival events and showcase what Queenstown is capable of on the world stage. We not only value their financial support, but their partnership to produce one of Queenstown's most stunning annual festivals year on year.”

-Martin King, Winter Pride

The collaboration between Winter Pride and our team has presented us with an exhilarating creative challenge over the past few years.

Since we moved most of the events to the Memorial centre, the task at hand was to transform the same venue night after night, incorporating completely different themes that could captivate and engage the audience. With themes ranging from Leather and Lace to High School Reunion, Queenstown's Got Talent, and Propaganda Snowball, the challenge of designing the space around multiple themes proved to be a creative experience.

Behind the performers and on the DJ risers, we utilised our VulPix AR5 LED screens, which delivered visuals that enhanced the overall atmosphere of the event. These state-of-the-art screens not only provided a vibrant backdrop for the performers but also created an immersive experience for the audience. The dynamic content displayed on the screens added an element of excitement and anticipation as the night unfolded.

The combination of intelligent lighting fixtures, such as moving heads and spotlights, along with the innovative use of the VDO Sceptron Strips, allowed us to create a multi-dimensional lighting experience. The lights dynamically changed throughout the nights, adapting to the performances, DJ sets, and overall vibe of the event.

One of the standout lighting installations this year was the colossal ring suspended from the ceiling. Crafted using our innovative Martin VDO Sceptron Strips, this lighting piece became the centrepiece of the venue. With its impressive size and intricate design, the ring emanated a mesmerising glow, casting a magical ambiance throughout the space. The versatility of the installation allowed for endless possibilities in terms of lighting effects, ensuring that each theme was brought to life with its unique lighting arrangement.

Tech Specs;


LED screens - VulPix AR5
Novastar R5

Clay Paky HY B-EYE K15
Clay Paky Mythos2

EK Collider FC

Martin VDO Atomic Dot Warm

Martin VDO Sceptron

Show Pro LED Fusion BAR XV
DJPower X-SW2000 Low Fogger

Control - Nano Hog 4 Lighting Console


d&b B2

d&b Q-Sub

d&b Q1

d&b M6

Control - Midas M32r