Rydges Womens Conference AV

Westpac Queenstown Women's Conference

As a long-time supporter of the Women's Conference, we were pleased to see that an increase in interest warranted moving this marquee event to a larger venue at the Rydges. This in turn meant that we needed to increase the look and feel of the event to match.

Working alongside Watson and Wyatt we designed a look that utilised our LED panels in a pillar configuration to break up the long wall behind the stage. We paired this with some custom creative backgrounds and a ‘lounge’ stage set, which gave the space a more laid back ambience.

Tech Specs;

Vuepix AR5 LED Screen

Novastar R5 Processor

Barco ImagePro II

Client - Queenstown Chamber of Commerce

Event Sponsor - Westpac

Event Design - Watson & Wyatt