TomTom AV Productions Rydges Queenstown conference LED screen

NZ Capital Conference

The recent NZ Capital conference at Rydges Queenstown showcased our innovative use of conference spaces. Horizontal arrangements present both advantages and drawbacks in these settings, potentially impacting attendees' line of sight to speakers and presentation screens.

An effective solution to this issue is the incorporation of curved features on DB 2.6mm LED screens. By eliminating sharp angles, all participants, including those seated at the edges, can maintain clear visibility without compromising room capacity. To further aid visual accessibility, additional delay TV screens have been strategically positioned.

To enhance the ambiance, the front of the room has been discreetly blacked out to emphasise the stage, while the Patt 2017 LED lights in brand-specific colours add a vibrant touch to the surroundings.

This attention to detail ensures a visually appealing and immersive experience for conference delegates at Rydges Queenstown.

TomTom AV Productions Rydges Queenstown conference LED screen