Gala LED Coronet Peak AV

Gala with LED Wall

This gala awards evening called for a high end delivery. Working with our client, Motive NZ, we designed AV and lighting production to suit the bespoke space.

The main presentation surface was a pair of 2mm LED screens, either side of the stage. Given the limited space and subsequently how close the tables are to the stage, our 2mm pitch screen allows for even the closest of tables to experience the presentations without the pixelation of a typical LED screen.

The stage was tiered so the after party band’s equipment was clear of the presentation space.

Unfortunately, Coronet Peak doesn’t have haze isolation capabilities so the lighting design called for ‘eye candy’ effects, where the lighting atmosphere is created by lighting the face of the lighting fixtures, rather than the light beams output by the fixture.

Client - Motive NZ
Venue - Coronet Peak