TomTom AV Production Queenstown Hilton Conference LED screen

Elevate with LED screens

We recently had the pleasure of working with our client, Henkel, to create an unforgettable conference experience in Queenstown for this year.

Hosted at the Queenstown Hilton Hotel conference space, one of the highlights of the conference was the impressive 6m x 2m LED screen that we installed.

Using the VuePix DB2 2.6mm screen, the display provided crystal-clear visuals that were visible from a distance of just 2 metres. This made it ideal for an intimate space filled with a large number of attendees.

The 3:1 ratio screen served as a great focal point for the conference presentations, ensuring that every audience member had a clear view of the content being shared.

Paired with our high-quality AV setup, the event space created the perfect atmosphere for a productive and engaging conference.

Tech Specs;

VuePix DB2 2.6mm
NovaStar MCTRL4K