COACHELLA @ Cargo Brewery

We were tasked with an seemingly impossible task, to re-create the iconic Californian Coachella festival, set in the heart of Gibbston Valley… In winter!

We started by decking out the incredible Gather & Gold tipis with a wide-range of festival & boho style theming. Creating an awesome silent disco party cave in one wing and a geometric styled bar space in the other.

In the middle, our Tipi Projection transformed the lounge space into an amazing night sky landscape, bringing the amazing Southern Alps into a cosy fireside setting.

And no festival is complete without a Main Stage. By cramming a large-scaled production into a TSL-15 stage, we were able to transform the Cargo Brewery garden into a sprawling festival site. All with the aim to enhance the spectacle of a specially commissioned hologram performance from some well-known NZ musicians.

Client: Ripple Experience

Venue: Cargo Brewery @ Waitiri Creek


Outdoor Wash Lights

Outdoor Batten Lights

Outdoor Beam Lights

Panasonic Projectors


Martin Sceptron

Martin Mac 101’s