Gala Dinner corporate AV queenstown lighting

BMW Gala Dinner

We worked with Watson & Wyatt to create a beautiful Gala dinner night for BMW.

In Vingard we created an elegant evening focusing on the centrepiece florals that we rigged up in the ceiling.

Being a reasonably slim venue, it means everything is on display - this means visual lighting fixtures were our friend for this event.

Along with our usual effects we use to enhance the venue, we also used our collection of Edison bulbs, all hung in and around the centrepiece floral truss to create a warm, inviting feel, without overwhelming the rest of the space.

We matched these with our Patt 2017’s which stood out at the end of the room to create a creative look for the stage, the internal LEDs allow us to match the lights to every occasion, for this event we went with classic warm toned light which complimented the theming of the event.